Oranjestad is my own project dedicated to creating reusable Java components.

Currently there are two packages under Oranjestad.

  1. commons - which is basically classes I think are conceptually similar to the types of classes in Jakara commons. In that sense you could think of them as an extension to Jakata commons. In most cases they depend on or augment classes from the popular Jakarta project.
  2. oranjestad-spring - The Spring framework modified to use Oranjestad. This is demo release that shows how Oranjestad bean messaging introspection could be used in a framework like Spring to add listener based dependency injection. My hope is to merge this into Spring and eventually remove it from Oranjestad.

How does Oranjestad relate to Jakarta?

I'm personally a big fan of the Jakarta project and regularly use their packages professionally and as part of open source. In most cases I've tried to submit classes from Oranjestad to the jakarta projects but never heard back. So I decided to release them independently. Nothing in Oranjestad commons competes with or replaces Jakarta commons, instead they typically depend on and usually offer additional functionality. If you like Jakarta commons you'll probably like Oranjestad commons too.